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Georgia Nicoloudis

English tutor from USA

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If you want to learn to speak fluent English, if you want to improve your level (from Beginer to Advanced), if you need one-to-one English lessons with a native speaker on Skype, if you need business English, conversational English, English for travel, English for kids or you are preparing for IELTS, TOEFL, GMAT, EIKEN, BEC, CPE, KET, PET, TOEIC, FCE, CAE, and others, WELCOME TO MY SITE !!!


My name is Georgia Nicoloudis. I am an American teacher with a master's degree in English.

I have over 15 years of teaching experience in the United States of America. I can help you learn or improve your English with one-to-one online learning.

Contact me if you want to learn English from scratch or continue your studies. All you need is a computer, a video camera with a microphone, and an internet connection.

Before each class, lesson pages will appear on your student website. That's right! You will have your own website (free!). If there is homework to be done, you can also do it right on your student site, and I will check and fix any mistakes if any. This system is designed for the convenience of your learning!

Click the "Contacts" button to sign up for LEARNENGLISHONLINE.RU lessons with me! I hope for a fruitful cooperation with you!                    

FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

General issues

How to enroll in your course?

Sign up for a free trial lesson and leave your contact information: phone, e-mail, Skype ID. The administrator of "Languages ​​Online .RU" will contact you to confirm registration, answer questions, agree on a date and time for a trial lesson and explain the process of selecting a teacher.

How long is one course?

Languages ​​Online .RU does not offer a clear time limit, as we are tailored to the individual needs of each student. Each course is tailored to the student's goals and capabilities. For some, passing one level of the language takes about 2 months, for others it takes much longer.

Do I need to do my homework?

Yes, you need to do your homework. However, there are people who either do not have time to do their homework, or they just want to talk to a native speaker teacher without completing any assignments, so homework is not mandatory for them.

How long does it take for me to learn to speak English?

Our students speak English in every lesson. If your level is Beginner, you will start with simple greetings and short phrases, but will still speak at the end of the first lesson.

The time it will take you to begin to speak fluently in English is entirely up to you. If you take an active part in the lesson, do your homework, you will learn the language faster. The advantage of studying in "Languages ​​Online .RU" is that the whole lesson is taught in English. Your listening and speaking skills are practiced every minute, which means you'll start speaking much faster.

Can you help me prepare for TOEFL / IELTS exams?

Yes, we have extensive experience in preparing students to successfully pass these and other exams. Among our teachers there are those who specialize in preparing for these exams.

Who are your students?

Our students are representatives of various professions and age categories. Children from 4 years old, students, businessmen, leading employees and directors of representative offices of Russian and foreign companies study with us.

What if I miss class?

If for some reason you have to miss a scheduled lesson, it's okay, we will postpone it to a time convenient for you, and you will not lose money. The main thing is to notify the teacher or school administration 24 hours before the start of the lesson.

Which is better - a headset or a separate microphone with speakers?

We recommend purchasing a good USB headset. This is more convenient, and in addition, such a headset allows you to eliminate some noise and avoid echo on the line. Thus, the teacher has much more opportunity to hear you clearly and correct as many mistakes as possible in your pronunciation.

What discounts do you offer?

Learn English Online .Ru offers several payment and discount options. More details can be found in the section "SPECIAL OFFER -10% COUPON CODE ► MYDISCOUNT"



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